Manage Group Preferences in Learn

Being able to create and edit groups via Learn is an add-on feature. To navigate to or edit an existing group, follow the below instructions.

This article includes:

Navigation to Edit a Group

To view and/or edit a product-based group, sign in to Learn. Hover over “Manage Users" at the top of the page and select “Enroll Users” from the drop-down menu.

The Enroll Users page has a list of the existing groups that have been created from setting up the user registration credits. After locating the group, click the group name or the Manage Users button make modifications to that group.

Note: If there are no groups set up yet or additional user registration credits are needed, refer to this article

To edit the group name or image, click “Edit group details.” 

Please Note: A group name or image is only viewable by an individual(s) that has access to manage the group(s). A user assigned to a group cannot see the group name or image. 

Edit a Group Name

After clicking “Edit group details,” modify the existing group name as needed then click “Update.”

Tip: We recommend including the product related to the group in the name. For example, naming a group “TTI SI DISC Training” rather than only “TTI SI Training” to help keep the groups organized as the number of groups increases.  

Edit a Group Image

After clicking “Edit group details,” click “Change Image.” To upload a new image, either select the file(s) or drag and drop the file(s) and click the Upload button. Once an image has been uploaded, it will be added to the Media Library tab.

To select an existing image from the Media Library, switch from the Upload Files tab to the Media Library tab. Select the image to be applied to the group and click the Upload button. On the Edit Group Details screen, a preview of the selected image should display. To save the new image, click the Update button.

To return a group image back to the default, select “Remove Image” from the Edit group details screen. A pop-up box will appear to confirm that the image should be removed. Once confirmed, the platform will revert the group back to the default image.

Note: Removing a group image only removes it from the particular group. It does not delete the image from the Media Library. 


If you need additional support, please email or call (800) 869-6908. Our team is happy to help.