Get Started with User Registration

Being able to assign TTI Success Insights products to your team members and/or clients via Learn is an add-on feature. To get started, follow the below instructions.

To add registration credits, sign in to Learn. Hover over “Marketplace" at the top of the page and select the category of the product you want to assign from the drop-down menu.

Note: Refer back to this step when the user registration credits are down to 0 or run low.


On the next page, select a product. Once you have selected the product, adjust the user registration quantity as needed. 

Tip: We highly recommend increasing the user registration quantity from the default. The quantity is the number of users that can be assigned to the product.


Under “I want to,” select either “Create new group” or “Increase seats to an existing group.” If “Create new group” is selected, add the group name in the Group Name field. 

Tip: We recommend including the product related to the group in the name. For example, naming a group “TTI SI DISC Training” rather than only “TTI SI Training” to help keep the groups organized as the number of groups increases. 

If “Increase seats to an existing group” is selected, the Group Name field will provide a drop-down menu of the existing groups in your account associated with that specific product. From the drop-down menu, select the group name to add the additional registration credits.

A summary will show across the bottom of the page reflecting the product selections. The summary includes the name of the group being created or adjusted, the number of “seats” (quantity of registration credits) being added to the group, and the total pre-tax cost. 

After confirming the summary is correct, click “Add to Cart” to proceed. 


Repeat the above process for any additional products to get the desired amount of user registration credits. Once complete, go to the cart and click “Proceed to Checkout.” On the Checkout page, enter your billing information.

Note: Make sure to click the "Validate Address" button after entering the billing details to have the sales tax removed (if applicable). See this article for more information on sales tax.

Confirm your order is correct, then enter your credit card information and place the order.

Note: For instructions to assign the user registration credits click here.


If you need additional support, please email or call (800) 869-6908. Our team is happy to help.