What is The Working From Home Report?

An overview of our newest report, based on the DISC assessment.


The Working From Home Report is designed to help a respondent understand how to be an effective worker while working from home.  This report will offer personalized tips about how to work effectively based on their behavioral style and how to work with the highs and lows for each of the four factors.

Create A Link

In your IDS account, click on "Link Management" at the top of the page.Link Management-1

Link Management Dropdown


Select "Create New Link" from the menu.






Fill out the Link Name (What you will see in IDS), Link Description (What the client will see) and verify the Admin email.


Select the appropriate Link Type.


If applicable, fill out the GDPR/User Data Expiration




Add a Welcome Message, including an estimated time to complete the survey. Then click "Continue".


Select the Working From Home Report.WFH


Link Options Page-1

Select if you want respondents to immediately get their report.

Add any Tags/Logos/Attachments.Select an end date for the link to expire on, or click no end date.

Select if you want  passwords on the link. 

If yes, select the number of passwords equal to at least the number of reports to be generated.

If no, select what to do when the limit is reached and how many reports are allowed to be generated with this link.


Click "Next", then verify the information and select "Save".


Converting another report

This report can be generated by converting any report with a DISC section.

In your IDS account, click on Report Management at the top of the page.Link Management-1

Report Management Dropdown-1Select Convert One Report to Another from the drop down.








On the next page, select The Working From Home Report.





Available-ReportsSelect the report(s) to be converted from the list that shows.  If you select a name or names, click "Update Selected Reports" before navigating to another link or page to save the selected reports.




Click continue when all desired reports are selected.

Confirm the conversion.WFH3

Please note that converting a report will NOT result in a charge.


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