What is Acumen?

Acumen is an assessment that identifies how a person thinks within three dimensions: feeling, doing, and thinking

Acumen is the science of axiology and based on Dr. Robert S. Hartman’s theory of What is “Good”, published in his book The Structure of Value: Foundation of Scientific Axiology; formal axiology is an organizing system of logic that brings a way to measure value in the same way that mathematics organizes science. 

From the TTI Success Insights ACI Manual: Axiology is a mathematically accurate science that objectively identifies how one’s mind analyzes and interprets our experiences. It identifies how we are most likely to react in any given situation. It also helps us understand how we make judgments. This Information allows us to translate the results into quantitative measures and scores, which can in turn be applied to the daily business world.

Applied Axiology - the practical application of axiology to create value in how we think, what we do, and the quality of our relationships. 
    1. There are three different dimensions measured:
      • Intrinsic
      • Extrinsic
      • Systemic
    2. Two different perspectives measured:
      • External - World View
      • Internal - Self View

What value does Acumen give me and my clients? 


  1. Becoming certified in Acumen provides another tool that will provide deeper insight into who you are working with and potentially take your coaching/consulting business to the next level. Acumen brings clarity in determining the capacity of the respondent.  It measures values and thinking perspective that goes beyond behaviors and motivations. You will become an elite member of the Acumen certified network.
  2. Your clients, whether using Acumen for hiring or individual development, Acumen will provide a deeper insight into the capacity of each individual on how they perceive and value the world around them and themselves. 

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