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The Prioritized Leader - Getting Started Guide

Congratulations on your achievement of becoming Master Certified in The Prioritized Leader (TPL). You may use this guide to help follow each step in the process of registering your clients for The Prioritized Leader products.

You can also find more resources and information on our The Prioritized Leader landing page on my.ttisi.com.


How do I purchase TPL products for my clients?

How do I provide TPL products to my clients?

What is the accelerator program?

Purchasing a Product to Sell


Where do I go to purchase TPL products for my clients?

The Prioritized Leader is an independent product from TTI Success Insights, and as such is purchased before being assigned to a client. When you are ready to provide a TPL product to your client, the first thing you will do is sign into your Learn account to purchase the appropriate product. You can do this by hovering over the menu bar option “Marketplace” and selecting “The Prioritized Leader.”


Once you have clicked on “The Prioritized Leader,” scroll down on the page so you can look over the options available for purchase. The products on this page show the recommended retail cost/materials fee.


Click on the product you would like to order, and change the quantity as needed.

Tip: If you know you will have future clients that you will assign the same product(s), you can buy in bulk to receive an additional discount (on select products) and assign them at a later point.

Once your quantity is selected, click “Add To Cart.” To add more than one product, you can scroll down on the cart page to the “You may be interested in…” section, or you can go back to Marketplace in the main menu. Continue until all the products you would like to purchase are in your cart.

Note: There are no bulk discounts or complimentary reports available for the Prioritized Leader Assessment.

After you have added the appropriate products to your cart, verify the quantity for each is correct. The price per unit listed in the cart reflects the wholesale/bulk discount cost. Click “Proceed to Checkout.”


On the Checkout page, you will be asked to fill out your billing details.

Please note: By default Learn will apply sales tax to every Prioritized Leader product purchase. If you are in a state that should not have the tax applied, make sure to click "Validate Address." The address will need to be validated for every purchase order.

For more information regarding state tax and whether you should be charged, please visit this knowledge base article


Verify the total is correct under "Your Order," then enter the payment information (if not previously saved). Click "Place Order."

Note: At this point, TPL product purchases are not factored in towards your price level.



How do I assign a purchased product to my client?

Once your products have been purchased, you are ready to assign them to your clients. You can do this by hovering over the “Manage Users” option in the main menu, and clicking “Enroll Users.”


On the Enroll Users page, you will see “PRODUCT” next to a bubble with the product name inside (i.e. “The Prioritized Leader Assessment”). If you have purchased more than one TPL product, click the bubble with the product name to select the product you want to assign to your client. The Users Registration Left number to the right of the product tells you how many new users can be assigned the product.


Once you have selected the product you would like to assign, click “Enroll New User.” Type in the first name, last name and email address for the individual, then click the “Submit” button.

Tip: For adding multiple users to a single product at once, click Upload Users. Download the sample csv to ensure you use the correct formatting. Add your users to the downloaded spreadsheet and save it. Then upload your spreadsheet.

The system will automatically send an email to the new user with instructions on signing in to access the product that was assigned to them.

Please note: If the “Disable User Enrollment Emails” has been turned on from the Enroll Users Settings, the individual will not automatically receive an email.


How to track the progress of my clients?

You will be able to track each individual's progress after they have been assigned a product (module, assessment, etc.). You may do that by following the steps described below.

Hover over “Manage Users” on the top menu bar. Click on the option “Progress Reporting.”


On the Progress Reporting page, you can filter your results by the course or product you are wanting to see the progress on. You may also filter by the user if you are wanting to look at the progress of a specific individual. The final filtering option is status, where you can see which individuals have not started, are in progress or have completed their course or product.

Once you choose the filters that apply to what you are wanting to see, click “Filter” and scroll down to see the results. Below: i.e. The Prioritized Leader- All Modules, filtered only by product. This shows the status of each individual based on where they are in each of the modules.


How can I access my client’s assessment?

Follow the same steps listed above by hovering over “Manage Users” at the top menu bar, and clicking “Completed Assessments.” Use the search option in the top corner of the page if needed.

Click on the PDF icon under the “Download PDF” column to download the PDF version of the assessment.



What is the accelerator program?

Official Product Description:

The Accelerator program is an option for someone who is Master Certified to certify their client. This enables you to enroll your clients to go through training hosted by Brandon Schaefer. The training is spread out amongst 6 weeks, with additional benefits to the client. This option is given to make it easier for someone who is Master Certified to enroll multiple clients and have them trained at the same time.  

You can find more information on this via Learn in the Marketplace.


How do I register a client for the Accelerator program?

You have 2 options to register a client for the accelerator program:

Option 1: Hover over “Marketplace” in the main menu and click on “Prioritized Leader (Accelerator)”. This page will show you the price and description of the product. Adjust the quantity needed of this product to the cart and pay as directed. Once you have the product available, you can enroll your client by following the steps described above (see “How do I enroll a client (in the modules)”.  This will automatically send the individual an invite with the information on getting started.

Option 2: Hover over “Marketplace” in the main menu and click on “Prioritized Leader (Accelerator)”. Locate “Your Accelerator Link.” This URL is unique to your Learn account and can be copied and sent directly to your client to pay. You can also use this link on your website as a way for clients to enroll themselves in the program. 

Note: When your client uses your “Accelerator Link” you will be notified of the purchase and you will also earn a commission for the sale. All commissions are paid out the first week of the following month Via Stripe payouts.


How do I go through the accelerator for free to advise my client? 

When signing up your client for the accelerator program, you will need to attend all of the sessions along with them. This will help you speak to the parts of the program that are being covered during each session, and know exactly what is being touched upon during the training. There is no charge for you to attend since your client will be signed up for the entire program.


Where can I find the accelerator program timeline?

Hover over “Marketplace” in the main menu and click on “Prioritized Leader (Accelerator)”, or click this hyperlink. The next accelerator program date is listed under your unique Accelerator Link. To view the timeline for the program, scroll down on the page and click “Session Agenda.”


How do I register my Stripe Account for auto payouts of my commissions?

There are 2 options when connecting your Stripe Account for Learn commission payouts. 

Option 1: If you have a Stripe account, you will select the "Connect Stripe Standard Account."
Option 2: If you do not have a Stripe Account, and do not want to set one up, you will select "Connect Stripe Express Account."

Please note: There is no other option to receive payment from TTI SI if you choose to refer people to the site for purchases of products that earn you a commission.


To connect your account, click the “Affiliate” menu then “My Commissions.”


Then click on “Stripe Payouts” and select the type of account you would like to connect.


Once you have connected your account, you will receive monthly payouts on products you have sold using a referral link.

Referrals, Order Details, Payouts and Settings all speak for themselves respectfully and are designed to help you keep track.


If you have any questions, or if something does not work, please reach out to our Partner Support Team member by clicking the chat button in the lower right corner, or call us at (800) 869-6908.  We will be happy to help.