How do I Interpret the Success Insights® Wheel?

The Success Insights Wheel uses the 60 most common graphs generated by the Style Insights® assessment.

The graphs are plotted by all points above the energy line.  The wheel model uses 48 basic graphs and 12 exceptions.  The high factor determines the quadrant in which the graph will appear.Wheel

The Wheel is made of eight different Spokes, their names and core factors are:

  • Relater: Core I, S - People who tend to take time, think positively, and are
    focused on interpersonal relationships.
  • Supporter: Core S - People who tend to be champions of sound ideas,
    working steadily and diligently to ensure a project is fully realized.
  • Coordinator: Core S, C - People who tend to be fact-oriented and adhere
    to proven methods to complete projects and tasks.
  • Analyzer: Core C - People who tend to seek out accuracy in all activities
    and ensure the highest quality possible by gathering precise data.
  • Implementor: Core D, C - People who tend to assess, leverage facts and
    figures, and advance toward a solution.
  • Conductor: Core D - People who tend to be direct, decisive, and seek
  • Persuader: Core D, I - People who tend to convince others by appealing to
    reason, understanding, or emotion.
  • Promoter: Core I - People who tend to verbalize many thoughts to
    influence outcomes.

While interpreting the wheel, you will sometimes notice the word "cross" or "flex" at the bottom of the wheel page.

These terms are defined as follows:

Across: Two or three factors above the energy line, with the core factor's opposite also above the line.  This means that the person potentially has some type of Me-Me conflict.  Graph numbers 57, 58, 59, and 60 are examples of potential Me-Me conflicts.

Flex:  Three factors above the line, with the core factor's opposite below the line.  This means the person is adaptable.

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