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How can a respondent return to an assessment?

Sometimes things come between someone being able to complete an assessment they've started. But they may not have to start over from the beginning.

How to get my user back into their assessment

How to find my user's password in an open link


How to get my user back into their assessment

First, locate the link to the assessment you gave them. It will start with the ttisurvey.com web address with a dash, then your specific link code. 

Next, you will locate that individual's password. If you gave them one at the beginning, use that one. If you have an open link (meaning without passwords) then you will find the password that was assigned by the system to this user when they logged in. Instructions for that will be listed in the next step.

Both the survey link code and the password will have 6 numbers followed by 3 letters, such as 123456ABC

Once you have the password, you will add it to the end of the survey link with a dash separating them. It will look like this; https://www.ttisurvey.com/123456ABC-789123DEF


Then you will provide that link to the user, and this will direct them to a page where they can indicate which email address they used to log in. They will need to use the same one that they entered the first time they logged into the assessment.


Now they should be all set to continue to take the assessment! 

It is important to have your user click the "Exit" button upon completing the assessment. This will finalize the results as well as redirect them to either the website within the link settings or to our assessment confirmation page.


How to find my user's password in an open link

You will want to first log into your IDS/TTIAdmin account, and locate the link that the user accessed the assessment.

ids find password 1

Click on the link name, and at the bottom, you should see an Edit button. Click that, then on the following page, click on the Respondents tab.

ids find password 2 edit

ids find password 3 respondents

This page will show you all the passwords that were created for this link. You are able to search for the respondent by name or search through the list below. Grab the password assigned to your respondent, and complete the rest of step 1.

ids find password 4 search password

The system may not save the respondent's responses past 24-48 hours. In that case, the respondent will need to retake the assessment from the beginning. 



If you have any questions, or if something does not work, please reach out to our Partner Support Team member by clicking the chat button in the lower right corner, or call us at (800) 869-6908.  We will be happy to help.