What Changes Were Made in the New DNA 25?

Below is a table of the changes we made from the old DNA to the New DNA 25



Conceptual Thinking Conceptual Thinking
Conflict Management Conflict Management
Continuous Learning Continuous Learning
Creativity Creativity and Innovation
Customer Focus Customer Focus
Decision Making Decision Making
Diplomacy and Tact Diplomacy
Employee Development/Coaching Employee Development/Coaching
Empathy Appreciate Others
Flexibility Flexibility
Goal Achievement Goal Orientation
Futuristic Thinking Futuristic Thinking
Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal Skills
Leadership Leadership
Negotiation Negotiation
Personal Accountability Personal Accountability
Persuasion Influencing Others
Planning and Organizing Planning and Organizing
Presenting* ----------------
Problem Solving Ability Problem Solving
Resiliency Resiliency
Self Management Time and Priority Management
Teamwork Teamwork
Understanding and Evaluating Others Understanding Others
Written Communication*  ----------------
  Project Management
  Self Starting

                                                                                  •Renamed   •New Skill


*NOTE: Presenting and Written Communication are considered hard skills, therefore were removed during the creation of the TriMetrix® 25.

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