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What is the EQ Wheel?

One important visual aid for EQ is the wheel. This is an overview of the wheel and what it shows.

The Emotional Quotient wheel is a visualization of your scores in the report. The circle,
split into quadrants, is encompassed by Motivation and divided by Self and Others. Your
Motivation score starts at Self-Awareness and wraps around the wheel clockwise. This
starting position is due to all EQ dimensions being influenced first by your level of Self-
Awareness. The volume of color illustrates the strength of your overall EQ score, which
is also notated in the center circle.

EQ Wheel Blank

  • The orange color represents the Self categories of EQ (Self Awareness, Self-
    Regulation, and Motivation) and the purple color represents the Others
    categories (Social Awareness and Social Regulation). 
  • The left side of the EQ wheel addresses Awareness (Self and Others) and the
    right side of the wheel addresses Regulation (Self and Others). 
  • The more color shaded in the wheel, the higher the score, and the more developed the person is in that category.  
  • Motivation goes around the wheel, implying that if you improve Motivation, it can
    impact other areas of EQ. However, Motivation has its own questions and is a
    separate category. 
  • Lastly, the difference between driving forces motivation and EQ motivation: DF
    motivation is what drives you externally (the gas that drives your car), and EQ
    motivation is what motivates you internally or intrinsic motivation. Simply said,
    if the person is still motivated when their DF are not rewarded, and they are still
    able to hit the goal, they have EQ Motivation

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