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What happens if I discontinue my Learn Subscription?

The Learn Subscription is a helpful tool to use when training multiple clients, teams, etc. But what happens to your users when you decide not to continue your subscription? Here is the breakdown.

Your users' Learn course access will be removed at the time of cancellation.

Any Learn account created through your subscription will remain active, but the users will not have access to any of the courses you signed them up for. However, their course progress is saved, so if you choose to reactivate your subscription at a later time they will not need to start from the beginning. 


Any groups that were created during your subscription will be removed from the platform.

Groups are typically assigned a single Learn course, so every user you assigned to DISC, for example, would be in one group. That means when/if you reinstate your subscription, you will need to recreate your groups and reassign any users you would like to have access to the course again.


You will no longer have access to the “Single Science” option in the Marketplace or the Manage Users menu options.

These are menu options specifically designed for subscription users, so you will not see them once your subscription has ended.


If you reinstate your account in the future, you will need to recreate your groups and re-invite any users you want back to the platform.

As stated with the groups, any users that have been assigned to any courses will need to be re-invited when you reactivate your subscription. 

Tip: We suggest you export the course data of your users before cancelling your subscription. This will make it easier to re-enroll your users if you decide to reinstate your subscription in the future.


If you have any questions, or if something does not work, please reach out to our Partner Support Team member by clicking the chat button in the lower right corner, or call us at (800) 869-6908.  We will be happy to help.