Competencies (DNA) FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for our DNA assessment.

What are the changes in the DNA 25 from the DNA 23? What skills were removed or added?

Twelve of the original set of 23 skills in the DNA reports remain the same. Other skills received slight name changes, while the skills of Presenting and Written Communication were removed. Resiliency, Understanding Others, Conceptual Thinking and Personal Accountability were added. For a complete list of these changes please see the TriMetrix® DNA Skills Matrix.

Are the definitions of the skills available?

Yes, the definitions of the skills will appear on the report. You can also view them here!

What about the Workplace Behaviors questionnaire?

They are now updated to reflect the new skill set of 25.

Does this update apply to Talent Management Plus?

The new reports are available in TMP.

How long will the legacy reports be available?

At this time we have no plans of discontinuing the legacy report line. However, the word
“legacy” was added to the report title in 2016.

Can I still use the old versions?

Yes, the old versions will be referred to as legacy in IDS and will still be available.

Can I convert the old version with the new 25?

No, the questionnaires are different. In order to receive the new set of 25, the new questionnaire must be completed.

Can you provide verbiage to share with my clients as to the benefits of predictive analytics with the new 25?

The new 25 assessment has resulted in higher Cronbach’s alpha scores, which is considered the most appropriate statistical test for calculating reliability. It also provides an updated and consistent list of 25 skills used throughout the TriMetrix series.


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