What are the Commonly Asked Questions About Acumen?

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about the Acumen science.

What do I do with a low reliability score?

  • Contact the respondent and ask
    • Did you understand the questionnaire’s instructions?
    • Were you interrupted while completing the questionnaire?
    • Were you in a normal state of mind when you completed the questionnaire?
  • If you feel the respondent understood the instructions and did not try to outsmart the tool, then proceed with a debrief to bring clarity to their responses.
  • If you feel the respondent did not understand the instructions, did not take it in his/her native language, or was interrupted or distracted- then ask them to retake the questionnaire. Make sure they are clear on how to rank the statements in each section from Value Most to Value Least, and Agree to Disagree.


The ACI report looks different. How do I learn more about these changes?


What is the average time it takes to complete the Acumen assessment?

  • Approximately 12 minutes


What is considered a strong and low score on the Dimensional Balance Page?

  • External - World View
    • Strong:  Between 80 and 100
    • Low:  Between 40 and 59* 
  • Internal - Self View
    • Strong: Between 75 and 100 
    • Low: Between 40 and 59*

TTI tables the scores at 40 so you will not see any scores below 40.

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