12 Driving Forces FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions on the 12 Driving Forces assessment.

What’s the value of getting certified?

It increases your credibility and provides you a deeper understanding. Also, certifying your clients requires you to first become certified.

Do VAAs certified in TriMetrix® HD need to take an additional certification in the driving forces?

If a VAA is certified in TriMetrix HD, they are not required to complete a 12 Driving Forces exam. However, they are not considered certified in 12 Driving Forces until the actual 12 Driving Forces exam is completed.

Does 12 Driving Forces certification expire?

Yes, it will expire after 2 years like the rest of our other certifications.

Do I need to be certified to view the manual?

No. The digital version of the manual is free and available for you to download at my.ttisi.com. You can find it here.

Is there a hard copy manual and when will the hard copy manual be available?

There is not a hard copy available, and there are no current plans to release one.

What are the size options and dimensions for the wheel posters?

It’s 24” x 36”. Laminated and un-laminated.

Are wheels going to be made available on paper like the other wheel posters?

Yes, they are already available.

How do I purchase the Wheel Posters?

The laminated or paper posters and prices are in the store at https://my.ttisi.com/shop/ttisi-posters.

Can you create the 12 Driving Forces wheel for multiple participants?

Yes, you can create it for up to 100 people.

What is the best resource to better understand how to apply driving forces before we get to the certification step on the 12 Driving Forces?

The new manual and the Debriefing Workbook. Also, check out the 12 Driving Forces section on my.ttisi.com and/or schedule a call with one of our Solutions Consultants.

What are the product options for certification and training?

All pre-certification can be done via our Learn platform. You can locate the 12 Driving Forces manual within the training course in Learn as well. There are certification kits which are an all-inclusive training and certification program, or you can also purchase the exams a-la-carte. All pricing is located in https://my.ttisi.com/ under Training & Certifications.

What’s the structure of exam?

The exam is an open book, online exam, with multiple-choice, true/false questions and essay questions.

How long does the exam take (on average), and how soon do I receive the certification?

Exam times may vary but on average it takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. Results are typically provided within 10 business days.

Is the 12 Driving Forces questionnaire the same as the motivators?

Yes, they share the same questionnaire.

Do the comparison reports have the wheel included?

Yes, the wheel is included in the comparison reports.

Can you compare more than 2 people in the comparison report? Is this something that may become available at some point?

The current comparison report limit is 2 people, but there is a TTI Talent Insights® Team Report which would allow you to compare more people and includes the 12 Driving Forces.

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